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In need of a helicopter for a business trip, pleasure outing or to arrive at a wedding?

With a wealth of knowledge in the industry operating both piston and turbine powered helicopters, we have a machine to fit your requirement, even if you want a fixed-wing aircraft. If you have a date and plan in mind, call our operations department for a free no-obligation quote.

Aerial Surveys

We know how to complete aerial surveys having previously flown pipeline surveys and aerial reconnaissance for a number of independent companies. If you are a developer looking at your local plot, we can supply the perfect vantage point for any such task.

Aerial Photography

If you are in need of some aerial photographs, our partner company, Bourne Photography, can assist you. We already have an extensive library of aerial photographs from the Red Arrows to the ‘Queen Mary 2’; these and many more are available on request.

If you need a specific photo, the most cost effective route is for us to put a few minutes aside in our normal daily flights, when we can fly over your required location and take shots using high quality Canon and Nikon cameras. Or alternatively, we can take you up for the flight.

Call us for a no-obligation quote.

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