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Trial Lessons & Gift Vouchers

- How long is the actual flight length?
- Where do you normally fly during your session?
- How long are vouchers valid for and are they refundable?
- What happens if my voucher runs out of validity?
- Does my gift voucher include insurance?
- Is there anything else I need to be aware of before I purchase a trial lesson/gift voucher?
- Is there anything I need to bring with me on the day of my flight?
- What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my flight?
- Can I bring family and friends to watch my flight depart and return?
- Can I upgrade my flight on the day to a larger helicopter or longer flight time?
- I have received a voucher from an experience agency; can I book it with you direct?
- What is the minimum age for a trial lesson?
- Is there a maximum weight for people to fly in the helicopter?
- What is the difference between a Trial Lesson & Pleasure Flight?
- What are the medical restrictions on a trial lesson?
- Do you donate gift vouchers to charities?


- What is the minimum age to gain a Private Pilots Licence?
- Where can I find my local Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)?
- How long does the PPL course take?
- Are there any extra costs associated with the PPL?
- How do I keep my licence current once I have completed a licence?
- I have a foreign issued licence with a state outside of the JAA can I still fly on my licence in the UK?
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