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The Private Pilot’s Licence enables you to fly as pilot in command of a single engine aeroplane for recreational purposes during daylight hours. The standard licence is a:

- EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) PPL which allows the licence holder to fly anywhere within the European states.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority also recognises the:

- LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots License) that restricts the pilot to flying only simple aircraft within UK and Europe airspace only.

What you can do with a PPL

Holding a PPL does not entitle you to make financial gain from flying, but you can share costs of a flight with passengers. For some, it is also the first stepping stone to achieving a commercial pilot’s licence.

Flying a light aircraft is a wonderful opportunity to see the world from a perspective that few others have. A short hop from Bournemouth Airport are the Channel Islands, mainland France, Land’s End, the Islands of Scilly and the Isle of Wight - a popular destination for an afternoon tea in the summer.

The Training Process

Training for a private pilots licence is an extremely rewarding experience. It demands application and determination but the rewards are huge! As well as the fun of flying there is a massive sense of achievement and it also makes you very popular with your friends.

You will initially undertake dual training with an instructor, learning aeroplane handling and navigation. Once you have reached a safe standard, you will begin flying solo. In addition to the flying you must complete 9 multiple choice exams prior to your flight test to become a qualified pilot.

Before you can fly solo, you will be required to hold at least a Class 2 medical which can be obtained from a local Aviation Medical Examiner.

If you wish to develop your PPL capabilities further, additional training is available:

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