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Civil Aviation Authority - Information Notice


Requirement to Convert Flight Crew Licences Issued under the UK ANO and JAR -FCL 1 & 2 to Part -FCL

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Well done to Rich Godfrey


Well done to Rich Godfrey for completing his first solo flight!

Congratulations to Adrian Davis

James Wadsworth Corss Country Pass

WOW... What a great day, another pass, and just in time for Christmas. This time a huge well done to Adrian Davis for passing his PPL Helicopter skills test. Congratulations Adrian, onwards and upwards from here!!

A huge congratulations to James Wadsworth for passing his skills test today!!

James Wadsworth Corss Country Pass

Not only is James a great member of our team but he is also the youngest Helicopter Pilot we have ever had pass at just 17 and one week, only one week more than the legal minimum age to complete a test. It also makes him one of the youngest pilots in the UK. Well done James, we look forward to flying with you in the new year!

A Big Well Done to Our Very Own James Wadsworth

James Wadsworth Corss Country Pass

A big well done to our very own James Wadsworth for completing his solo cross country navigation flight. At just 16, James is one of the youngest students to complete this stepping stone. Not only a budding pilot but also a great member of our team. We are very proud of you!

A Quick Visit from the Cornwall Air Ambulance


Great visit from the Cornwall Air Ambulance for a fuel top up, lovely to meet some of the team, we look forward to welcoming you back soon!

Congratulations to Adrian Davis

Congratulations to Adrian Davis

Congratulations to Adrian Davis for completing his PPL H Cross Country Qualifier! Next step PPL Skills Test!

Twynham Primary School Visit

Twynham Primary School

A great visit to Twynham Primary School, helping the kids with a project on flight!

Bliss Aviation Handling

Bliss Aviation Handling Service

It's looking like we've got a nice collection of "toys" at Bliss Aviation Handling today!

October Newsletter


Check out our latest NEWSLETTER! PPL Successes, Fly2Help, New Emergency Locator Transmitter Laws

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Bliss Help2Fly

Our very own Rich Griffin showing support for Fly2Help.

Fly2help is an aviation charity dedicated to raising the spirits of people, young and old, living in difficult personal situations and inspiring young people as they consider their future lives. Founded by pilots, our Air Smiles Days and Aim High education programme take everything that is exhilarating about flying and uses it to do something extraordinary.

Congratulations to Sam Harrison

Sam Harrison

A huge congratulations to Sam Harrison on successful completion of his PPL-H skills test. Happy flying!!

Congratulations to Dimiter Nedialkov

Dimiter Nedialkov

Congratulations to Dimiter Nedialkov on successful completion of his Australian PPL-A to an EASA PPL-A. Europe better watch out!

Congratulations to Cameron Stanford


Congratulations to Cameron Stanford for passing his PPL skills test!

A great achievement Cam, the sky's the limit!

Another Solo Qualifying Cross Country!

Solo Qualifying Cross Country Sam

What a week for it! Another Solo Qualifying Cross Country completed!

Well done to Sam Harrison this time, for completing your 100 mile navigation, stopping at two different airports, all on your own!

Happy flying!

Changes to Emergency Locator Transmitter Use


As of 25 August 2016, EASA Air Operations Regulations came fully into effect. Prior to this only Commercial Air Operations, not training flights, would have to have an Emergency Locator Transmitter on board the aircraft, either in fixed format built into he aircraft or in the form of a PLB, a Personal Locator Beacon.

If in an emergency situation, the locator is activated a transmission is sent to an internationally recognised frequency, your position is logged and help is sent.

This new law now means that all flights, passenger or training or private need now to carry a Emergency Locator Transmitter; all our aircraft at Bliss now have one.

Solo Qualifying Cross Country Completed

Solo Qualifying Cross Country Cameron

Congratulations to Cameron Stanford for completing his Solo Cross Country Qualifier flight!

Next stop skills test!

Happy flying!

Solo Qualifying Cross Country - Well Done Mark Whitley

Solo Qualifying Cross Country Mark

Congratulations to Mark Whitley for completing his solo qualifying cross country flight!

100 nautical miles and landing at two other airports, all part of the course.

Congratulations to Lee Rowley

lee Rowley PPL pass

Congratulations to our very own Lee Rowley for passing his PPL skills test.

Well done Lee, happy flying!

Solo Qualifying Cross Country - Well Done Lee Rowley


Congratulations to Lee Rowley for completing his solo qualifying cross country. Next stop.... Test day!

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